About the Hosts:

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Nikki Sharp

Nikki Sharp is a best-selling author of two books, including Meal Prep Your Way to Weight-Loss, wellness expert & chef. After years of working as an international model, Nikki started to realize that she was tired of always wanting to be "skinny" and started pursuing her new desire - health. Through her work as a health coach and wellness blogger, Nikki's mission is to spread the knowledge of healthy living for the mind, body and soul.

Keep up with Nikki at @nikkisharp on Instagram and @nikkirsharp on Twitter. 

Favorite Episode: Oh gosh... honestly I loved them all so much because each one was so different than the last (and I got to learn something new each time).... but I'll go with our episode with Eileen Kelly because I find the sex subject fascinating because it's still so faux-pas and naughty to talk about. 
Dream Guest: Kristen Bell because I love her outlook on life and everything that she shares, making people realize you can still be happy and kind to others while battling personal issues. 
Dream Travel Destination: Anywhere that I can see the northern lights. #goals!
Best #Adulting Hack: Stop trying to always be an adult! Be kid-like, laugh, play, and just enjoy life!

Zack Peter

Zack Peter is the host of the weekly podcast, #NoFilter with Zack Peter (available on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more). As a writer, he has published a total of four books, including the collection of humor essays, When Life Hands You Lemons... Throw Them At People and memoir, A Shot of Hope: Real Wisdom from a Real Sibling Warrior Providing Real Hope for Autism. He is currently a contributor for POPSUGAR, weekly host on AfterBuzz TV, and producer of the upcoming documentary, Sibling Warrior: Healing My Brother's Autism.

Keep up with Zack at @justplainzack on Twitter and Instagram




Favorite Episode: This is a tough one because we conducted some GREAT interviews and love ALL of them. But if I had to choose, I'd say "Episode 11: It's OK to Have a Martini ...and Still Be Healthy" because that's one of the biggest misconceptions - that you can't still indulge while being healthy! 
Dream Guest: Gwyneth Paltrow. Hands down. I'm a HUGE goop-ie. 
Dream Travel Destination: Iceland (just to visit the Blue Lagoon Spa) 
Best #Adulting Hack: I Uber EVERYWHERE. It's the best time hack, since I'm constantly on-the-go. My day starts at 5:30 AM and sometimes I'm still working until 10 PM. So, Ubers make for convenient power-naps, mental music/podcast breaks, or when I need a little extra time to work on a project and want to avoid being stuck in LA traffic.