EP. 01: Why We Think the Wellness Industry is B.S.

Who the hell are Nikki Sharp and Zack Peter? They’re the dynamic duo that’s about to blow the lid on the “wellness industry.” 

Nikki Sharp is a model-turned-wellness expert with two best-selling books and a top-rated health app. She is also a recovering Instagram influencer ready to share the tips and tricks she’s mastered over the years, helping you sift through the B.S. on social media. 

Zack Peter is a 4x published author, internet personality, and health activist. He’s also heavily addicted to self-improvement, trying and documenting every wellness trend from a hydrocolonic to a cannabis-enhanced yoga class (and every jade egg in-between). 

Together, Zack and Nikki are sharing the knowledge they’ve learned, combined with real advice from the experts they have on speed-dial! 

From health and wellness to sex and relationships, money management, tech talk, and more, Zack and Nikki are trying to help you truly live your best life in #Adulting. 

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