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Episode Guide:

Episode 1: Why We Think The Wellness Industry is B.S. 

Air Date: May 29, 2018


Episode 2: Raw, Keto, Paleo, Vegan… WTF Do We Eat? 

Guests: New York Times Best-Selling Author/Brain Expert Max Lugavere & VegeTaryn Founder/Vegan Activist Taryn Rasgon 

Air Date: May 29, 2018 


Episode 3: Why is it So Damn Expensive to Be Healthy? 

Guest: New York Times Best-Selling Author/Leading Medical Expert Mark Hyman, M.D. 

Air Date: May 29, 2018


Episode 4: Why Am I Still #SingleAF? 

Air Date: May 29, 2018


Episode 5: How to Lose Weight Without Even Trying 

Guest: Bulletproof Founder/CEO Dave Asprey

Air Date: June 5, 2018


Episode 6:  How to Stop Binge Eating When You’re So Emo 

Guests: Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque & Body by Simone Founder Simone De La Rue 

Air Date: June 12, 2018 


Episode 7: Crossfit, SoulCycle, Hot Yoga… What Actually Works? 

Guest: Celebrity Fitness Expert/Nutritionist JJ Virgin

Air Date:  June 19, 2018 


Episode 8: Top Money Tips to Become a #RichBitch 

Guest: Money Expert Marc Diana 

Air Date: June 26, 2018 


Episode 9: Sorry, But Your Phone Might Be Killing You 

Guest: Actress Amy Smart

Air Date: July 3, 2018 


Episode 10: Is It Bad to Fake an Orgasm? & Other Burning Sex Questions 

Guest: Sexpert Eileen Kelly 

Air Date: July 10, 2018 


Episode 11: It’s OK to Have a Martini… And Still Be Healthy 

Air Date: July 17, 2018 


Episode 12: Why Am I So Damn Stressed? 

Guest: New York Times Best-Selling Author/Be Well Founder Frank Lipman, M.D. 

Air Date: July 24, 2018


Episode 13: So, How Do I Get My Sh*t Together? (Q&A) 

Air Date: July 31, 2018


Episode 14: These Health Trends Are Total B.S. 

Guests: Leading Health Experts Josh Axe, D.C. & Will Cole, D.C. 

Air Date: August 7, 2018