Who is she?

Our audience is built up of female millennial go-getters.

Collagen latte in-hand, she's building her empire and living life on her own terms.

She's between the ages of 25-40, living in the city (usually LA, NYC, and Dallas), and always looking for new strategies to improve herself and her environment.

What is she into?

Health/Wellness because she wants to live well, be well, and still look cute while doing so.

Lifestyle “Balance” because this adulting sh*t ain’t easy and sometimes we need to balance our protein shakes with a stiff martini.

Healthy Relationships with herself, with her squad, and with her romantic interests. F*ck boys, step aside.

The Latest of the Latest because she always stays on the cutting edge of the newest trends, products, and treatments to keep her game just as strong as her morning coffee.

Is she into you?

If all of the above sound like the type of gal your interested in, drop us a line. Chances are she’s into you. And if she is, we’d love to collab!